SPECTRA  SP 4000 ~ Apsardzes plate 4-32 zonas 2 rajoni

SPECTRA SP 4000 ~ Apsardzes plate 4-32 zonas 2 rajoni

Kods: 004170
Cena: 36EUR

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Zonu skaits

4 zonas (8 zonas ar dubultošanas funkciju ATZ) / iespējams paplašināt līdz 32 zonām

Rajonu skaits

2 rajoni




Līdz 15 tastatūrām


Tikai pamatplate

Model SPECTRA SP 4000
Zone Count 4 on-board zones
Expansion Expandable to 8 zones with ATZ function / Expandable to 32 hardwire zones
Expansion Bus 4-wire expansion bus
Wireless Expansion Compatible with RX1 and RTX3 wireless modules
PGM 1 PGM outputs (expandable to 16)
Switching Power Supply 1.1 A
Keypads Connect up to 15 supervised keypads
Partition Count 2 partitions
Event Buffer 256 events
User Codes 32 user codes
StayD Mode Support Yes
PCS Series Support Yes
IP100 Internet Module Support Yes
VDMP3 Plug-in Voice Dialer Support Yes
Hand-held Remote Keypad Support Yes (require RTX3 V1.31 or higher) / SP4000 – One way only
iParadox App Support Yes
Multiple Phone Numbers 3 for monitoring station, 5 for personal dialing and 1 for pager reporting (SP65: via PCS200 only – GSM reporting)
2 Opto Coupler Dialer Circuit Support Yes (N/A with SPECTRA SP65)
Automatic Daylight Savings Time Feature Yes
Push Button Software Reset Yes
Direct connect to WinLoad and Babyware Yes, at 9.6k baud / WinLoad for SP5500 / SP6000 / SP7000 / Babyware for SP4000 / SP65