SP231 ~ GSM apsardzes sistēma ar kārbu, antenu un transformatoru 8-32 zonas 5 PGM 8 rajoni

SP231 ~ GSM apsardzes sistēma ar kārbu, antenu un transformatoru 8-32 zonas 5 PGM 8 rajoni

Kods: 007167
Cena: 139.50EUR

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Zonu skaits

8 zonas (iespējams paplašināt līdz 32 zonām)

Rajonu skaits

8 rajoni




Līdz 16 tastatūrām


Metāla kārba ar transformatoru un GSM antennu

Mobilās aplikācijas atbalsts


Model SP231 KIT
Conformity Grade 2, EN50131-3, EMC, Low voltage, RTTE, RoHS
Inputs 8 of NC/NO or EOL=2.2 kΩ type (can be expanded to 32 inputs)
Zones 9 types (ON / OFF, Delay, Interior, Interior STAY, Instant, Instant STAY, 24 hours, Fire, Silent) including two-wire fire zone
Number of System Expanders Up to 16 (keypads, additional alarm transmitters)
Partitions 8 partitions
PGM Outputs 5 OC type (3 x 0.5A, 1 x 1A, 1 x 0.1A)
Guard Modes 4 (ARM / STAY / STAY DELAY / OFF)
Zone Bypass Function Yes
Number of Control Codes 1 master and up to 39 user codes (1 administrator / 1 installer and 1 alarm receiving centre)
Other Means of Control Trikdis Protegus keypads or Paradox K32, K636, K10V keypads, mobile apps, phone call, SMS, iButton key or other device
Temperature Sensor Support Yes
GSM Modem Quad-band 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
Communication with ARC Via GPRS (TCP/IP or UDP/IP) or SMS
Supported Protocols Trikdis TRK
Encoding Format Contact ID with additional encoding algorithm
SMS Messaging to User SMS messages with pre-set customized text to up to 5 telephone numbers
Calling to User Calling immediately after pre-set event to up to 2 telephone numbers
Event Log Yes (up to 2000 events)
Internal Clock Yes
MCI Bus Yes, for an additional alarm transmitting device (G10, E10, T10 series)
Module Configuration Via USB port, using SPconfig software or via GPRS from ARC
Power Supply AC 16-18 V or DC 16-24 V
Current Standby @ 80 mA / Transmitting @ 150 mA
Operating Temperature From -25°C to +50°C, when relative air humidity 80% with 20°C
Dimensions 285 x 280 x 80 mm
Weight 3 kg
Components Metal box + GSM control panel + GSM antenna

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