U2HR ~ 2 Kanālu uztvērējs 433.92MHz 100m

U2HR ~ 2 Kanālu uztvērējs 433.92MHz 100m

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2 kanālu uztvērējs

Vadības pultis

Ļauj pieslēgt līdz 104 vadības pultiem


2 releja izejas, 1A, 30Vdc

Uztveršanas attālums

Līdz 100m

Barošanas avots


Darbības frekvence

433.92 MHz

Model U2HR
Power Supply 11 – 17 Vdc, 50 mA
Current Consumption 20 mA + 20 mA for each relay set ON
Code System           Dynamic code system KEELOQ®
Operating Range 100m
Transmitter Memory Capacity 104
Sensitivity -106 dBm
Output Relays 2 (max power rating 1A, 120 Vac / 30 Vdc)
Monostable Output Mode Timing From 0.25s up to 4 hours
Bistable Output Mode ON / OFF
Signal Output S 1A / 60 V max “open collector” type
Sabotage Alarm Terminals NC type
Operating Temperature From -20°C to +55° C
Dimensions 73(L) x 46(W) x 24(H) mm
Working Frequency 433.92 MHz


Currently, our offer has been extended by new compact superhet receiver marked U2HR. The receiver features excellent sensitivity and selectivity and complies with latest EU relevant standards concerning SRD (Short Range Devices) remote control products. While U2HR receiver is a continuation of our two channel outputs series receivers as DWB100HR and DWB100Hhet, it offers better operating range (up to 300 meters in open space with DWB100HT key fobs), much smaller size and a set of new, very useful functions.

Easy allocation of hand transmitter (key fob) buttons to any receiver outputs.

This comfortable feature enables functionality unavailable in earlier models of two channel receivers, such as:

Some one button key fobs control receiver’s output 1 while other one key fobs control output 2.
One key fob button sets on both receiver’s outputs simultaneously.
One key fob button sets receiver’s output on while other button sets off.
Any button of four channel key fob CH4HT sets on/off output 1 while its any other button sets on/off output 2.
Receiver’s outputs operation modes.

With key fob learned to the receiver, its outputs can operate in any of below described modes:

Key fob button sets on output for programmed time lapse. Next use of the same button, while the output is set on, prolongs time lapse.
Key fob button alternately sets receiver’s output on and off.
Key fob button sets on receiver’s output for programmed time lapse and can set the output off when used second time while the output is still in time lapse.
Key fob button sets output on/off alternately (as mode 2 above) however, when one output is set on the other cannot be set on too.
Same mode as 3 above however, when one output is set on the other cannot be set on too.
Receiver’s output is set on for as long as key fob button is pressed.
One key fob button sets output on while other button sets output off.
LED indication.

The receiver is equipped with two output status indication LEDs. The upper LED lights green when output 1 is set on and red when set off. The bottom LED lights green when output 2 is set on and does not light (it is blank) when output is off.

Signalling output S.

The receiver provides signalling output S (Open Collector type) for signalling channel output’s set on/off, allowing connection of external siren, buzzer or light strobe.

Key fob transmitter memory.

The receiver can operate with up to 104 dynamic code key fob transmitters learned to its memory.