XR-30IP ~ IP konvertors jebkurai 4vadu domofonu sistemai

XR-30IP ~ IP konvertors jebkurai 4vadu domofonu sistemai

Kods: 007736
Cena: 103.60EUR

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IP konvertors, kas ļauj pārsūtīt zvanu no ieejas paneļa uz Jūsu mobilo ierīci. Papildus dod iespēju apskatīt video un audio no ieejas paneļa jebkurā brīdī no Jūsu mobilās ierīces.

Model XR-30IP
Network Interface 10/100M Ethernet / Wi-Fi
Quantity of Outdoor Panels Supported 1
Video System PAL / NTSC
Compatibility 4-wire outdoor panels and intercoms
Memory Photo and video on mobile device
Power Consumption Up to 400mW
Power Supply +12V, 1A
Installation Type Surface mount
Size 80 x 120 x 22 mm
Color White

You can easily get IP possibility for video door phones with a help of module Slinex XR-30IP! Slinex XR-30IP is an IP converter which transfers a video call with a possibility of audio connection with the normal outdoor panel to the mobile device! To obtain these benefits, simply install this module without changing door phone or video panel. Setting and connecting this IP converter (it’s connected the twisted pair or via Wi-Fi), when it’s call on the outdoor panel you will be able to receive a call on your mobile device.

For receiving calls on your phone or tablet (based on the operating system iOS or Android), you need to download the program MobileEyeDoor+. After installing the program, you should enter configuration for module XR-30IP. You can do it in several ways. The first – starting MobileEyeDoor+, scanning QR code, be careful, QR code is on the back side of the device. The next two ways: set search XR-30IP in this program, in “find device” or make all settings manually. Having installed the program, you can receive calls, watch online video from the outdoor panel. Moreover, you are able to record video and take photos on the phone immediately.

So purchasing Slinex XR-30IP at a reasonable price, you are getting the most portable door phone on your mobile device! Hurry to install the converter Slinex, and tomorrow you will be able to answer calls from your phone!